Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say. --D & C 100:5-6

Monday, September 12, 2016


SOOOO this week was one of the best weeks ever so I'll tell you a lil story about this guy I met!! 
So it starts wayy back last week hehe...
So we were out tracting in one of our areas right, and no one wanted to listen haha and then we were walking past this one gate with a tree house in the back and my comp walked right past, cause the house was far away and probably wouldn’t answer... but I wanted to try so I walked up to the gate and yelled tao po as loud as I could hahaha for them to come out!  And some old lady looks around the corner at us and then looks away... then some old guy comes crawling out of his house and starts walking to the gate! (5 mins later) he gets to the gate haha and starts opening it immediately to let us in!  We start talking and his name is tatay Bueno well tatay is just like father in Tagalog but we call him tatay Bueno and bueno is Spanish right? So he tries telling us he’s from Mexico and like joking around haha he’s hilarious for an 83 year old!! And then we are talking and we get to his house and meet his wife who is really nice too, really old can’t really walk... and eventually started teaching them.  Well, we taught them about 3 times that week and the last lesson was on Saturday we really were expecting him to come to church.  Well he didn’t come.. but he had cut his foot and couldn’t walk so he said next week!! So we kept teaching him and he’s doing great and then one day we’re teaching and see he has a tatoo on his chest. We ask him what it is, and he says you know I told you I love the Lord right?? And then pulls up his shirt and… HAHAHA!!  HE HAS A FULL CHEST TATTOO OF JESUS'S FACE HAHAHA!! (we’re gonna try and get a pic with his tattoo this week) so cool and then the week ended sooo great with us walking into church at 8:30.  30 minutes before starting and he’s sitting in the sacrament hall talking with the members hahaha!! He says to us I beat you here haha turns out he beat everyone there, even the branch president haha he showed up 10 minutes before the branch president haha! 
It probably doesn’t seem that interesting of a story to you guys, but this is the cool part... he is the first investigator that I have tracted that actually came to church!! 
I’ve tracted alot of people, and alot have progressed and read the Book of Mormon and prayed but none!! None! Have came to church!!  Every baptism or other investigator coming to church have either been referrals or part member families!! Soo it was really cool for me and my comp and we just love this guy soo much!! 

Well little update on our other investigators.  We still have the part member family coming to church working for the baptismal date of Oct 1 so that’s looking good and we have one other girl coming to church, a part member also that is working for Oct 1, but might get moved back a little, we’ll see what happens!! But I’M LOVING THIS AREA AND THIS MISSION AND JUST WAYYY HAPPY RIGHT NOW!!  SO HAPPY I DECIDED TO SERVE A MISSION AND THANKS FOR ALL THE FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND FELLOW MEMBERS FOR PUSHING ME TO BE WHERE I AM RIGHT NOW!! 

Elder Baker

ps.  Elder Baker’s ldsmail account is STILL giving him fits!!  He wanted to apologize to everyone if you’ve written him and he has not been able to actually see it!  He hasn’t been able to log into his actual account for about a month now!  He’s hoping it will be fixed this week!  prayers for his emails account!!!  

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