Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say. --D & C 100:5-6

Monday, February 27, 2017


WOAHHH what a week!!! Well the cookie monster came and spoke to us this week! (if you’ve heard the Character of Christ talk you’ll get it haha) 

First off I didn’t get to shake his hand so don’t get jealous... hahaha BUT HOLY COW!! THAT MAN IS TRULY AN APOSTLE OF THE LORD!! He has the strongest spirit ever!! And that guy is STRAIGHT UP!! He says exactly what’s on his mind cause that’s what the spirit is telling him!! His face while he’s thinking, is just like you can see the spirit just talking to him! 
So what happened is he didn’t just give us a talk... he had us read 4 of his talks beforehand and then he gave us time to share what we learned and then he would expound upon it more and sometimes he would ask you a follow up question and just makes you think and then BAM.. the spirit teaches YOU something new! And then he would expound more on it and WOAH!! It was nuts!! Then he gave us time to ask him and Elder Haynie questions!! About anything!! It was soo cool some of the things he would get asked and expound on! Most were about teaching skills and stuff we need to get better at, but some were about like our future and it was nuts!! It was like a 4 hour session and I think 1 hour was talking about our future wives and how to be better parents hahaha!! So not just mission tips but life tips! He said, "so don’t get trunky, but I’m gonna talk about your future families!" hahahah 

But other than that visit, we had a pretty good week!! Well Wednesday was the conference with Elder Bednar then Thursday my comp was sick.. ALL DAY! Sooo I pretty much just studied and chilled haha it was awkward cause the owner of our house payed some guys to paint the inside of our house so we just had people painting the whole week!! And they didn’t want any help from me haha sorry I was just bored haha! BUT guess what we found another FAMILY!! So now we have two FAMILIES!! We’re working with one and we have another one we’re working on, but the dad is too busy! But they didn’t come to church this week so give them some prayers!! The RAZAL FAMILY AND CONDES FAMILY AND CAMASES FAMILY! Then last night we found this new nanay that used to live over by the temple in Manila and she says “every time I drove by, everyone there was SOO HAPPY!! Why were they so happy? Sometimes they were clapping and cheering..I was like wow I wanna go in there someday it’s soo bright and beautiful!!"  hahaha soo we taught her what it was and then shared a little lesson. We’re hoping she’ll keep listening to us and maybe PROGRESS!! So give her some prayers too! Rosario Lorica! 
Holy cow I don’t know what else happened.. we’re just finding new people all the time!! 

Well, BEA and FELIPE came to CHURCH AGAIN!! Even tho it was WAYY FAR from their house this week! And their baptism is set for March 18!! YEET!!  Still waiting for the marriage to happen so sister Monilla can get baptzed!! YEET!! Bishop said hopefully in March!! (hopefully before I transfer hehe ;) ) 

Well that’s about it!! Sorry I can’t remember anything funny besides Elder Bednar telling us that we were dumb and saying our prayers wrong!! haha (he literally called us DUMB!) hahaha if you wanna know why, read “Ask In Faith" by David A Bednar!  Next week I promise I’ll have a funny story!! 

Wait I remember one! Elder Abracia drank some gatorade and then laughed and spit it all over Elder Rectos bed haha!! 

Well, I love you guys!! I’ll try to share a little about Bednars talk with you next week if you want to know!! 

Love you mom!! 
(and everyone else...) 
but especially mom! 


I GOT KRISPY KREME!!! my boy Cymond Niebla bringing me a dozen donuts from manila!!… 
this other pic is us carrying some coco lumber while out working! The family we found last week was getting them for a fence so we carried them over to their house haha! 

then the little kids are our investigator family.. they helped us find some guy from the Netherlands we wanted to try teaching….he immediatley rejected us, my comp was kinda confused how rudely he rejected us.. cause there’s none of that here in the ppines! 

Monday, February 20, 2017


HELLO!! Well it’s been another great week with my new companion. I don’t have any time so I’m gonna keep this REAL SHORT! 

Well we found a new family that we really think might start progressing! Their name is the Razal family! We just need to focus on the mom haha she is a little hesitant to listen to us. The next new guy we found is MARIO! haha When we met him he was immediately willing to listen to us and really wanted to come to church this last Sunday, but said he got called into work last minute. sayang.

Then a couple of our investigators working towards baptism are sister Bea she’s working on March 18th and brother Siapno he’s also working on March 18th. He just needs to continue keeping the word of wisdom, so we’ll keep praying for him! 

Well I love you all!! 


Monday, February 13, 2017


HEYYYOO I’M BACK!!.... AGAIN!  It seems soo fast!

Well this was A GREAT WEEK!! Nothing really cool happened it was just a great week with my new companion! So my companion is Elder Abracia! I knew him back in the day so we get along good! 

Well this week was just finding and talking to new people! Well actually we had a cool experience while out tracting... so we went to a house and she came out and said no one was there and to just leave.. well I started just talking to her about a banner I saw on the wall about some lady turning 81. Then she kinda got closer to us and then we just talked for like 2 minutes with her thru her gate about our beliefs and then randomly she was like well maybe we could talk for just a little bit.. so we got in and started just talking about her life and stuff.  Turns out she’s from Masbate! hahaha that’s my second home! Then we actually got pretty close with her and taught her the lesson and she was really interested! She agreed for us to come back and teach her again!! Her name is AMOR! Which means love in spanish! 
That was pretty much our whole week finding new people and getting to know them! We found a lot more new people we can teach and actually have some baptisms lined up for the next upcoming months! 

So funny story! We got a new sister in my district this week!! She’s a short term and she came from... MASBATE!! HAHA we knew each other back in the day when I was in Masbate!! So it is fun to have her over here in my district!! I have a pic with her she’s the one in the selfie with just 4 of us… she's the one with the nametag! 

Some sad news is... the baptism we had lined up isn’t happening this week because she has to get married first and the supposed to be marriage got postponed till later on when the stake president gets his marriage license!! ughhh... but we’re hoping it will be soon!! and we also have one lined up for March 4!! Brother Felipe Siapno!!  Hopefully we will set up some more for the next few months!! 



Monday, February 6, 2017


SOOO WHATS UPP!! Well it’s transfer week and like I predicted I’m staying!! And Elder Ayson is heading out he’s going to my old zone Tabacco zone! I’ll be with one of the guys in my district back in Masbate! His name is Elder Abracia! He’s a Filipino, he’s cool! Way good at bible bashing... hahaha I’m excited to see what will happen this week! And in the weeks to come! 

Well this week we were in a trisome with me Elder Cordoba and Elder Ayson! It was... INTERESTING!! haha It was actually really fun being in a trisome! But not something I want to do for a long time! The worst part about our trisome is we were working in 2 different wards, which made our schedule for working really weird! Cause we both had appointments we needed to go to, but we got it figured out! 
Well nothing really great happened this week for us with our teaching, we tried to go by brother Rafael (the one with the bom) twice this week but he wasn’t outside so we didn’t get to see him yet! then when we went to our other investigator over by him the first time she was "sleeping" and the second time she wasn’t there... so that was umm disappointing! But we also got 2 new investigators out of it because we just went tracting instead! But we only worked 2 times in my area, and that was the 2 where we met those 2 new investigators that didn’t seem too interested, but we’ll see.  Then we went to a couple of our less active familes we were working with that came to church this week YESS!!! So kind of a slow week! BUT FOR THE OTHER GUYS! They had a baptism this week!! So that was fun to be a part of! And actually I do have some pretty good news that I wanted to save for the end!! WE HAD A BAPTISM!! hahaha Well, a child of record, but STILL SAVING A SOUL RIGHT!! Well actually it was pretty cool. So this is a less active family that we met while tracting a while back and then they started listening to us and she said she wanted her kid to get baptized cause he’s 8 yrs old! and turns 9 in March! So we got him interviewed by the bishop and threw him in the water last Saturday!! hahaha So that was fun!! This month is gonna be SOO GOOD!

SO GOOD because we have the wedding of one of our part member families, and then her baptism the next Saturday!! We’re soo excited to finally see her baptized!! And we’re hoping that one of our investigators will keep progressing towards his baptism on the 25th also!! His name is Felipe Siapno.  So pray that he keeps it up!! 

Spiritual thought: What are you gonna do this week to bless someone’s life!?  Mosiah 4  verse 26 is a great verse on blessing others whether you have money or not!!



…..I would that ye should impart of your substance to the poor, every man according to that which he hath, such as feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the sick and administering to their relief, both spiritually and temporally, according to their wants.  —Mosiah 4:26