Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say. --D & C 100:5-6

Monday, November 28, 2016



So first off with the subject line.. Well I think the most asked question to me is what weird foods did you eat this week? hahaha so lemme just tell you how my Thanksgiving day was... hahaha so on our way home on Thanksgiving, we stopped by at a lil barbque stand and I bought some chicken intestines and then got some rice... and yup that was my Thanksgiving meal.. haha and actually my meal one other time this week hahaha! But like you guys have noo idea how delicious intestines are HAHAHA!! Well I did kinda get to have a Thanksgiving meal!! One of the members cooked up their turkey for us on Sunday... but it was definitely not the same kind of cooking of turkey! But it made me feel good eating turkey! I’M THANKFUL FOR TURKEY HAHAHA!! 

Well a little update on the week... it was a good week! This area has been one of my hardest areas.. yet it’s been such a GREAT AREA!! It has been an area of growing for myself! haha! But this week we got out and we found a couple of new investigators! I don’t know how interested they will be in the next upcoming weeks but we’ll see! One of them is brother Norbine! He’s 17 and it was funny, when we met him he knew one of my friends back in Ligao, a member, so that was fun hahaha but he seems interested right now! He prayed and is reading the Book of Mormon, so that’s good!! we've only taught him twice tho so we’ll see what happens this week!

And of course we have our baptism coming up! YEET! we’re really excited for him and I think his mom is more excited! His mom has waited many years to be baptised but she will be baptised in February but she’s wayy excited for her sons baptism!! She works with him all the time to undserstand our lessons! She teaches him over and over!! The boy is 11 yrs old so just a lil kid but the whole ward out here is excited for his baptism! Most of the members didn’t know he was an investigator cause he’s been coming to church for like 4 yrs now! 

Well that’s about everything for the week!! I heard a lil quote from a friend that said "if I lost everything I have tomorrow, where would my faith be?”  Be thankful for all the blessings we have in this life but just make sure our faith is always in the right place!! And bulit upon things that are eternal!! 

I’M SOO THANKFUL FOR MY ETERNAL FAMILY!  I’m thankful for this perfect plan! I’m thankful I’m here sharing His plan! I’m thankful for EACH AND EVERYONE OF YOU! For all of your prayers and support to all the missionaries!! 


Elder Baker says:  it's delicious!

Self-timer pic..... everyone else was late to the pic but
Elder Baker and all the ladies!!!

Elder Baker and Elder Ayson

A lot of people after the HALF-DAY MISSION!

She lost the FHE game!  Baby powder is 
the "loser" punishment!!

My BOY Elder Mahipos!!  haha (I love this guy he says!) 

Elder Baker and Sister Sarte and other members

the pic Dillon took for his sister's wedding!!!

Monday, November 21, 2016


WOOAH WHAT A WEEK! It’s been quite a crazy week with transfers happening last week! On Tuesday we had to get the elders in our house sent out and then I was lucky to be in a trisome with my boy elder Nonu! (my companion back in Mobo) he got to work in our area on Tuesday and it was so fun to be working with him again! 

On Tuesday we found a new less active family, the Milliamina family. The mom is a member but the dad is not a member but all her kids are members…  they all have families now, but we taught them and hopefully we can get working on the dad to start coming to church!  he’s just the kinda guy who just relaxes believes in God but it doesn’t drive him to do anything haha but we’ll see what happens with him! His wife didn't come to church this Sunday but we’ll see what we can do to get them to come! 

We also found the Mota family... a less active family also (lots of new LA's hahah)  The problem with the Mota’s is they live out in the MOUNTAINS hahaha over a hill down a hill thru a river and then up another hill haha! But they’re awesome!! 

Other than less actives, we found a part member family, well actually we didn't find them but... we found this kid that isn't a member hahaha so this family is funny.. the dad is a member.. inactive... the mom is NOT a member... but has gone to church every week since 2013 haha she can’t get baptized until they get married in February! BUT she said she wants to have her son get baptized now…... WHICH MEANS GUINO IS GETTING A BAPTISM!! First one in over a YEAR!  You could say I'm a little excited hahaha!!  And guess what.. the moms little sisters live with her so we’re gonna try and involve them in the lessons also!  The family is the Monillia family! 

Soo this week I had a great time just sitting back and relaxing... hahaha I gave elder Ayson the chance to lead to see if that would help him and...YESS IT WORKED! He started working a lot harder this week so I had a lot better week than I have been out here in Guinobatan! 




Whenever I am good and kind
And help someone I see,
I feel so very happy,
For then I'm helping me.

Tra la la la la la la la,
I'm happy as can be
When I am helping others,
For then I'm helping me.

Monday, November 14, 2016


WELL ACTUALLY I DON’T HAVE REALLY ANY NEW NEWS! I'm still here in GUINOBATAN! With my companion Elder Ayson and still struggling in this area. We were really sad this week because one of our GREAT investigators found a job last week and his schedule is either 7 pm to 7 am which we can teach him in the afternoon when thats his schedule, but every week it switches. This last week it was 7 am to 7pm and his house is too far away and when he gets home he goes right to sleep so we didn't get to teach him at all this week... and then our other progressing was in a different area with his girlfriend all week so we didn't go to him either! BUTTT WE DID get some delicious food this week!! Well more like lil snacks! Something I love about being in the Philippines and being in an area in the "bukid" or like mountains is that the members always give us coconuts!! hahaha Coconut juice has become my all time favorite drink ever!  Like there is nothing better than stopping and drinking a coconut while out walking in the heat of the ppines!! hahaha and I ate some weird lil yellow thing they said the name is "merienda" but that just means snack hahaha some people call it "passion fruit" hahaha I don't know what it’s called, but it was weird looking BUT SOOO GOOD!! I’ll send a pic of it haha! And then we ate some pomelo which is like a filipino version of grapefruits! I don't know maybe it’s the same I never ate grapefruits! haha 

Well, that’s about it haha!! see you all next week. Thanks for the love!! 




 ALWAYS remember to wear shoes when playing b-ball!

 out working....
district activity! 

buds for life! Elder Downing : ) 

 With Elder Nicks

Legazpi ZONE Conference


One of Elder Baker's new favorite fruits?  Wait...that's not a fruit snack?!!

Tuesday, November 1, 2016


Well it’s been quite a week FULL OF SURPRISES! HAHAHA ;) but it’s been a humbling and good week to learn from! I learned this week that "missionary work isn't easy. Because salvation isn't cheap” -Elder Holland.  This week we had some struggles with teaching people and keeping our heads on straight as missionaries! I’M GRATEFUL for the trials our Heavenly Father has given me especially in this new area! YES it’s been a struggle BUT YES it’s been LOTS OF FUN!! 

SYEMPRE we had success cause everyday is a success as long as you go to sleep happy.. hahaha we did find some more people to teach, actually one lady we found is sister Leonora Monellia.  She is an old lady with diabetes and she can barely walk!  But she is a spiritual lady. She kindly let us in to teach her! She expressed with us her trials and struggles of trying to help her kids get a good education and as we started to teach her the first principles of the gospel that God is our loving Heavenly Father and has a plan for each of us and how his gospel will bless us, she responded with tears in her eyes how thankful she was that we came to share with her and she CAN’T WAIT for us to come back and explain everything thats in the pamphlet we gave her! Soo happy for people like her that we find! 

We also continued to work with some of our potential progressing investigators, Christian Paul or CP3 and Christian Milliamina they both have their individual problems one with wow and one with attending church because of work BUT BOTH SHARE THE DESIRE TO BE BAPTIZED!! We tried to help one of them with his problem of drinking coffee by giving him a big packet of milo which is like a substitute of coffee haha so were excited to see how he’s been doing with no coffee and hopefully can stop the alcohol problem! hahaha 

Other than that we've been working on bringing back some less actives in our group area and help build that area!  Yesterday we had a sportsfest and we went and played bball with the ward members and me being dumb didn't play in any shoes and now the skin on the bottom of my big toes are like peeling off... just a lil blood.. SHOUTOUT TO THE POOL BASKETBALL BOYS!!  If 8 of your 10 toes aren't bleeding you're not going hard enough!! LOL! 


ps. no halloween here normal day