Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say. --D & C 100:5-6

Monday, April 11, 2016


Alrighty, so to start out my momma has some questions she wants me to answer that will probably be fun for everyone to hear about!!   So ...

no.1  When I go out tracting what is it like??   Well when we go tracting, we don't do what other missionaries do and knock doors... WE JUST YELL OUT "TAO PO" OR "AYO" hahaha  tao po is just saying "PEOPLE" hahahahah and the people are actually usually really nice and either invite you in or will let you give them a lil pamphlet!  But just because they let you does not mean in any way they want to listen... the people here are just too nice to say no!! 

no.2  What made me laugh this week?   Well I'm glad you asked!!  So the other day I was listening to my ipod in the apartment and one of my fav disney songs came on!! "circle of life" from lion king! And you know the beginning where it like screams african words?? YA WELL I TURNED UP THE VOLUME FULL BLAST AND WAS SCREAMING IT AT THE TOP OF MY LUNGS!! hahahaha the guys that live with me came down stairs and started listening and were DYING LAUGHING AND MY COMP WHEN HE LAUGHS SOUNDS LIKE A HIENA!! (you know like the animal on lion king that has a weird laugh) hahaha  Then we were all laughing!  Then after, we were sitting there and I was like lol this is like the language of Nate Garry's mission!!! HAHAHAHA!!! T hat was a really funny time!!  All the neighbors like ask me what was going on in the house hahahaha!!  

no.3  Who was favorite person i taught this week?   Umm this week was probably teaching the Golimlim family!!  We taught them last night!  They are a recent convert family of all girls. The dad lives in Manila!  Well,  Elder Jardeleza shared a scripture about charity!!  And then as we were teaching I just felt the spirit so strong teaching about the importance of charity and I shared how when I first got here I couldn't speak or understand Tagalog... and it was the hardest couple months of my life!!  And how charity is what I tried to develop when I was new here because I knew if I had charity, I wouldn't be worried about myself... I would only care about the people!  And I think now that I've got the language fine, I kinda started slacking in LOVING EVERY SINGLE PERSON!!  And I realized I need to start looking for people in need everywhere I go at all times!! 

no.4  Favorite meal this week?   One of my favs is an egg plant that you like smash flat and then dip it in eggs and then fry it!!  And it's seriously soo good!!  But my other favorite snack this week was BALUT!! lol!!  Which is a 18 day old bird egg that you like boil!! hahahaha it's actually really good!! 

no.5  What am I currently studying?   Right now I am reading the Book of Mormon and the New Testament!  In the BOM,  I am in Mosiah chap. 24 lol same chapter my mom quoted in her email to me!!  Well, I had always read chap. 13 cause it's the commandments but never found all the other great stuff there!!  I invite you to read this chapter it's really cool!! 



yea,  the Lord did strengthen them that they could
bear up their burdens with ease,
and they did submit cheerfully and with patience
 to all the will of the Lord.
                            ~Mosiah 24:15

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