Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say. --D & C 100:5-6

Monday, May 29, 2017

slow and steady..... -WEEK 95

Soo this week was nice, slow but nice haha well it started out with of course finding again.. haha we’re always finding.  Trying to make some kind of teaching pool haha but we found one awesome guy on Tuesday who is kind of quiet, but friendly. When we walked up to him he was kind of shocked but excited to meet us and talk with us and invited us to sit down and talk right away! The lesson was awesome quiet and peaceful cause we just taught him outside under a big tree in the middle of his farm! And he seemed like he really would ponder about our lesson! We haven't gotten to go back cause he’s been busy but we’ll go back tomorrow! Then we got to teach Arcel our investigator we’re working with thats close to baptism and she’s awesome! She really wants to learn and read the Book of Mormon PERO there’s been some problems at her house recently with her family so we’re still pushing back her baptism but I’M so excited for her and hoping that she will get baptised before I go home haha! Other than Arcel, we don’t really have anyone I see progressing towards baptism.. BUT we will keep finding! There’s gotta be someone here that is ready to accept the gospel! Hopefully when school starts back up everyone will come back home and we will be able to find more families and maybe find THE ONE!! slow and steady.. it will come! 

Something that we’ve been trying is inviting EVERYONE to come play basketball with us on Mondays hahaha just so we can build some kind of realationship and eventually start teaching them haha! As of now it hasn’t worked yet.. 

Well I just wanna testify how awesome the BOOK OF MORMON IS!! Everyday I read it, and it tells me something new that I NEED FOR THAT DAY! AND FOR AN EXPERIENCE I’M GOING THRU!! If you're not reading it... READ IT!! President Monson basically begged us to in the last conference!! 


I want to tell my friends about our church
And the happiness it brings to me.
I'll tell them how the gospel was restored,
Tell them how the Book of Mormon came to be.

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