Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say. --D & C 100:5-6

Monday, May 8, 2017


Soo first off about the subject I heard something cool in church yesterday. So this guy was talking about how God is always showering blessings upon us but sometimes we’re just too scared to take in all his blessings! Then he said "GO OUTSIDE, THROW THE UMBRELLA WAY, AND TAKE IN THE RAIN!" 
I thought it was the coolest thing cause God’s blesisngs are definitely raining down on us ALWAYS! Maybe not the blessings we want.. maybe it’s a trial.. but no matter what it is, IT’S A BLESSING to help make you stronger and more ready to enter in his presence! 

But we had a pretty good week this week.. well it ENDED AWESOME!! So my new companion is Elder Balacuit this is his second area so he’s kinda new but he’s a GREAT missionary! Kind of quiet but I’ll break him out of his shell and help him be a little more open. But this week I was kinda showing him the whole area so that hopefully by next week we can do splits cause we have a lot of members that work over here with us, so hopefully we will be able to find those people that are ready for the gospel quicker haha! 
But we had the most awesome blessing this week! So our investigator Arcel came to church FINALLY!! She was the one that couldn't go cause her dad didn’t want her to ..BUT she was able to go this week and brought her little sister with her so that was AWESOME!! She’s soo excited to be baptized also.. we had to move her bapt date and she was like "ohh why I thought it was the 30th" haha so she really wants to be baptized and she loves the Book of Mormon! She testified of its truthfulness to us last week! I’m soo excited to be able to help her come unto Christ and finally see some progression in this area, she could be my last baptism..hopefully no.t Hopefully we find those other souls that are waiting for us! 
But Arcel coming to church was another testimony builder of FASTING! Cause I was fasting that her dad would soften his heart and let her come to church and.. it WORKED!! YESS!! So I’m pretty excited now and pumped to go out and find more people ready to be taught! 

One other thing that was awesome that we talked about in district meeting was the story of Lehi and his dream and how he wanted to share the fruit with his family and then Elder Vainikolo brought up the word ohana which means of course "family and family means no one gets left behind" and we talked about how everyone here is our family and we need to make sure NO ONE gets left behind! and doesn’t hear the gospel!! 

I love each and every one of you. You’re all part of my FAMILY!! And I hope you have an awesome week and an even better MOTHERS DAY! HAPPY MOTHERS DAY TO ALL THOSE AWESOME MOMS!! Where would we be without you!! 




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