Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say. --D & C 100:5-6

Monday, November 2, 2015


Note from Mom:  I'm attaching a picture to this email.  It has two ladies in it.  Dillon "Elder Baker" says they are his new Filipino moms!!  They feed him literally EVERY SINGLE NIGHT!  My heart is full of gratitude for these ladies.  They don't need appointments...........they just show up every night and they get fed.  Makes me want to try to be more like these ladies.  When we see missionaries in our area, please BE NICE!  Give them a SMILE!!  And offer to FEED THEM!  ok, now enjoy Dillon's email:

SIGE, so this week was a pretty normal week in the mission field without any crazy accidents or anything!! 
So on Wednesday this family in our ward that is recent converts came over to the Gambas house while we were eating dinner and one of the little girls was sick! (this is the single moms family with 3 girls, so no dad aka priesthood holder) soo she asked Elder Irabon to give her daughter a blessing and Elder Irabon looked at me and said will you give her a blessing... I was like HUH!? I don't even know the language!! And the mom said its ok just do taglish!! I was like ya ok I can do that!! ... ya that didn't happen lol I used tagalog to bless her to get healthy but then after that when I was listening to the spirit guiding me what to say I couldn't keep up with trying to translate!! lol it's okay lang because the spirit only has one language and we all understand it! Well I finished the blessing and didn't even remember what I said but I felt GREAT!!! And then the next day she was completely fine and even did a jump rope competition and was perfectly healthy!! It was such a cool experience for me to see me actually blessing someones life!! And I know I'm gonna bless the people of the Legazpi mission muuuuch more in 2 years!! 

So every Sunday me and my comp do a split with Mark Jade and Justin Gamba and I go out to Uson which is like an hour away and do a special sacrament and then teach a couple people out there and it's wayy funn hahhaa yesterday it was me and MJ and I was showing him pics from back home and halloween last year and if you saw the pics from last halloween you would know how confused he must have been lol!! But it was a weird halloween here because here it is araw ng mga patay or day of the dead and there was no-one dressed up or anything. kinda boring!! 

I JUST REMEMBERED!! I ATE CAT THIS WEEK!! LOL it was suprisingly really good!!!  haha as long as you cook it good! Also anyone that knows me really well knows I don't really eat fruits or vegetables but now I eat pretty much anything lol!! 
Soo cool little thing I noticed this week.  So I was thinking about learning Tagalog and some words just have a familiar ring to them and I was wondering why and I was thinking we already knew the language that we are learning in heaven!! That's why we can learn them soo fast and it sounds familiar!! I don't know about other missionaries but it does sound familiar to me lol! 
well thats my report lol! 

ps.; always remember to HAKUNA MATATA!!
 Cute Baby goat friend!

Looks like they did some serious clearing work here!  Good job Elders!  

 So, I'm (mom) just guessing.....but I think this is Mark Jade (MJ)
who Elder Baker refers to in his letters.  He is awaiting his mission call
and goes out teaching with the Elders all the time!  He's getting very prepared!

The Priesthood is restored,
The truth made known to man,
That God has spoken to the earth,
His pow'r is here again!

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