Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say. --D & C 100:5-6

Monday, January 30, 2017


Well it's been another week! 7 days closer to coming home! haha time is FLYING!
Well I'll let you guys know about how my GREAT WEEK went! So this last week we've been out teaching our new investigators that we have found this last few weeks.  So one of the ones we've been working with is Felipe Siapno!  He is doing soo good right now he's progressing soo much! He hasn't had a problem with the word of wisdom since we've been teaching him, the only sad thing is he didn't get out to church this week because he wasn't showered and ready to go when the member came to pick him up.. he has to have a member get him because he had a stroke and he can't really walk at all... but he really wants to go to church even tho he lives far away! So the next investigator is Melody Palacio.  We weren't so sure she was really interested cause she kinda didn't really listen to the first lesson, but we taught our 3rd lesson on Wednesday to her and she was like talking about Josephs Smith's experience and stuff and was like super interested so it was super cool to see her being interested in Joseph Smith and we introduced the Book of Mormon and she was excited to start reading! We'll see how her reading has been going tomorrow! Another one is a NEW investigator we started teaching! So last transfer about 2 months ago we met this guy on the side of the road ...drunk... so he told us that he had studied about Joseph Smith back in the day when he was in college to become a pastor (I guess they talk about us in their schools hehe) but he actually wanted to know about Joseph Smith FROM US! So he told us to come back and if we see him outside to talk to him so up until now we never have seen him outside his house and when we tried to ask his family if he was home they got mad at us... so we waited till we saw him again then on Tuesday we ran into him sitting outside in his hammock! We walked up and he said "you have anything I can read? Like the Book of Mormon" hahaha I was like of course we do haha so we went and sat down with him and taught him a little about the restoration and about the Book of Mormon and how he can know Joseph Smith was a true prophet by reading and praying about it and he says "I guarantee you next time you come by here you'll see me here reading this book" haha I was thrilled to hear that, just didn't know if it would be true! haha Well the next day we drove past him on a tricy to go straight to our other investigator and as I drove by, he saw me and lifts his Book of Mormon high in the air and just gives me a little wink with a look that said... "I told you" hahaha so he is great, but sadly he hasn't been outside when we went back so we didn't teach him again yet!

But crazy thing happened this Sunday. So 2 transfers ago or like 2 months ago also I talked to a tricy driver about our message and told him he should try to come to church and he told me he had always wanted to try "church at the mormons" haha so we told him the time and where at... well he never came then we switched time at New Years and never informed him then I saw him while we were buying a chicken and started talking to him and he says I went to your church last week and no one was there... so I left... hahaha turns out he showed up at while everyone was in sacrament in the other ward.  So I told him the new time of our sacrament and told him to make sure he was there on time so we could wait for him and he said he would come on time this time!  WELLL we showed up at the church a little late cause we went by one of our investigators to come to church and he's sitting outside the front door haha and we talked to him, turns out he was there over an hour early hahaha! Well he had a good first experience and we set a time that we could teach him at the church cause we can't teach him at his house he said... I don't know why...

OHH HEYYY GUESS WHAT!!?!     I'M IN A TRIO RIGHT NOW HAHHA just for this last week of the transfer... one of they guys got emergency transfered out of the other area that lives with us so now we are in a trio working in 2 different wards! so we'll see what happens this week! It should be FUNN!!
Next week is transfers too we'll see what happens if I'm still here in guino...even tho I'm like POSITIVE I'm still gonna be here hahahaha Elder Ayson will probably be heading out!! But I'M EXCITED FOR WHATEVER!!! 


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