Therefore, verily I say unto you, lift up your voices unto this people; speak the thoughts that I shall put into your hearts, and you shall not be confounded before men; For it shall be given you in the very hour, yea, in the very moment, what ye shall say. --D & C 100:5-6

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Waffles and Toast with Egg for ETERNITY!

I just got this cutest handwritten letter from Dillon in the mail. 
Made this momma's day for sure!

Dear Momma!

You are the absolute Best!  Holy cow that album was the best thing to ever happen to me!  Those pics were sooo sick!  All of my District was drooling over Court and the other girls in there!  I seriously love you soo much, that was the nicest thing ever and the Ipod is great....but you forgot to send the cord to charge it....but I still love it.  The pics on it are sweet!  I'm thinking I might be able to hook it up to the computer and put more pics that you guys send me on it.

I love you so much and I'm so grateful for everything you do, and have done!  All my district was so jealous when I told them how much you did for me like making me waffles or toast with egg every single day! And cleaning the house and doing laundry and taking care of the little nephews and raising 4 outstanding kids!  You're seriously a super mom!

I don't think I would be right here writing you a letter from my mission if it wasn't for you!  I'm just out here trying to pay it forward for everything you did for me!  And I'm trying to bring people the same happiness that I have because I can live with my family FOREVER!!!  I think that is the greatest promise ever!  Like for real that means I'm gonna have waffles and toast with egg for Eternity!

I love you, I miss you!  2 years will not be that Long!  And It's gonna be great to be back with you!

mahal na mahal kita
ps the (na mahal) just adds emphasis SO extra love!!!

mahal na mahal kita,

Elder Baker
(your Baby Boi)

Families Can be Together Forever
Through Heavenly Father's plan.
I always want to be with my own family
And the Lord has shown me how I can.
The Lord has shown me how I can.

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